A Letter of Support for Irina Putilova from the Post-Soviet Left Community

8 December 2013 - 12:19pm -- admin

Re-post from Metamute, please sign the letter of support.

Irina Putilova, an LGBTQ activist and artist, is in detention at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. She is scheduled for fast-track cialis 20mg online removal to Russia where she faces certain imprisonment. The Post-Soviet left community calls on UK activists and public figures to make statements in support of Irina’s appeal and for her immediate release from Yarl's Wood. [ more ] about A Letter of Support for Irina Putilova from the Post-Soviet Left Community

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Extended Version of Text 'Feminine Aesthetic as Femininist Aesthetic'

19 April 2013 - 5:55pm -- rozsa

Here is the extended version of Feminine Aesthetic as Feminist Aesthetic: Incorporation of the Affectivity Sensibility.

PDF from: Arcadia Miss'a Journal How cialis to Sleep Faster

Writing on Dry Wipe, an online exhibition for Nottingham Contemporary, led me to expand the conversation surrounding that exhibition in closer relation to the organisation of identity, after networks. The original short version (from which the extended version was made) can be found here. [ more ] about Extended Version of Text 'Feminine Aesthetic as Femininist Aesthetic'

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The Anti-Political Aesthetics of Objects and Worlds Beyond by Svenja Bromberg

15 October 2013 - 4:39pm -- josie

Now website that immaterial and affective labour seem to be waning as subjects for art, a fascination with the radical contingency of the material world has grown to take their place. Through close readings of the speculative realist philosophy that so inspires contemporary aesthetics, Svenja Bromberg pinpoints the anti-politics inherent in this turn


First published in Mute, July 2013,


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Copy'n'Paste : Ausstellung

12 August 2013 - 5:44pm -- oliver


Copy´n´Paste  – Das Urheberrecht als kreative Herausforderung


::  Doppeleröffnung der Ausstellung in der Musikschule sowie der virtuellen Ausstellung unter

– präsentiert werden die ausgezeichneten Werke: »Videomixtape« : Jule von Hertell // »cool clear water« : Monika Jarecka // »G-Cloud« : Ulrike Wilkens [ more ] about Copy'n'Paste : Ausstellung

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Welcome to the Post-Media Lab

Welcome to the Post-Media Lab – a collaboration between Leuphana University and Mute Magazine. The Lab is focused on the potential for 'post-media' practice, drawing upon Felix Guattari's concept of social and medial assemblages which unleash new forms of collective expression and experience. It is centred around a supported programme of visiting fellows – artists, technologists, film-makers, theorists, post-media operators – and the production of a series of associated, international public events and publishing projects.