Rasa Smite

Rasa Smite is an artist-innovator who has been working, together with Raitis Smits, with emerging media since the mid-1990s. Smite and Smits also work as curators, organisers and researchers on network culture and new media art. They are key founders of the RIXC, the centre for new media culture in Riga, Latvia. Rasa Smite holds a doctoral degree in sociology from Riga Stradins University (the topic of her PhD thesis was 'Creative Network Communities' (2011)) and is associate professor in the New Media Art Programme of Liepaja University. Raitis Smits has graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts, and currently studies in PhD programme (the topic of his PhD thesis is 'The problematic of preservation and representation of new media art'). He is senior lecturer in Visual Communication at the Latvian Academy of Arts. Their research project for the Post-Media Lab is Talk to Me.