Rózsa Farkas

Rózsa Farkas is Director and co-curator/editor of Arcadia Missa in London.
Arcadia Missa is a gallery-publishers and independent research project,
focusing on digital culture in art practice, and processes of self
organisation after the internet.

Her practice is located in curation and writing, which sit across Arcadia
Missa's print and digital publications and gallery exhibitions, as well as
projects outside of Arcadia Missa - such as an upcoming exhibition for
tank.tv and text for Nottingham Contemporary. Much of Arcadia Missa's work
and publications can be found through http://arcadiamissa.com/.

Rózsa's research at the Post-Media Lab focuses on both research and
practice of *Organisation After Networks*, looking at affect theory within
conversations on material realities, and propositions for subversion and
organisation out of communicative capitalism within networks. This research
will culminate in a new text, built out of much of the practice during her
fellowship, encompassing collective writing, public discussions, and in
association with Arcadia Missa's fourth print journal and third ejournal.