How Music Takes Place

13 February 2013 - 2:01pm -- oliver
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Rasmus Fleischer : How Music Takes Place: Excerpts From “The Post-digital Manifesto”

from: e-flux #42


< This essay is an edited selection from Rasmus Fleischer’s book “Det postdigitala manifestet,” published in Swedish in 2009. This is its first English translation, thanks to Mikael Kopimi Altemark.


» How to decide what music to listen to? Presented with boundless access, this is the perpetual question today. The standard response is to propose the use of automated systems of recommendation. Instead of spending all that time choosing music ourselves, we could just let software identify patterns in the statistical data we have left in our trail. Next, this software goes on to offer us radio stations specially tailored to our individual preferences, stations which often prove themselves shockingly adept at opening our ears to music we didn’t even knew we liked. In spite of this, the underlying principles of these recommendation systems remain quite primitive. “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought …” is the basic functionality, familiar from online bookstores. At the center of it all we find the individual, whose preferences are to be compressed and reduced into a statistical profile. [..] «

> see article here

image : Dillon’s Music and Cold.

» We had a couple of colds here and listened to some of the pirate CD collection

that Dillon has displayed on the wall behind the counter. «

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