The PML Book series

1 March 2014 - 3:08pm -- admin
Covers: Digital Solidarity, Provocative Alloys: A Post-Media Anthology, Human Strike Has Already Begun & Other Writings

The PML Book series is a collaboration between Mute magazine and Post-Media Lab. The books in this short series are:

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Taking Care of Things! (Jan 15-18)

25 February 2014 - 10:59am -- oliver
January 15-18
Taking Care of Things! 
Archives - Life-Cycles - Care
organized by Post-Media Lab/CDC and Brown University/Habits of Living in cooperation with the Stadtarchiv Lüneburg
Venue: Stadtarchiv Lüneburg, Germany
From the perspective of current theoretical approaches the figure of the archive seems to have lost its central status and its fever. Meanwhile, in our medial and cultural set-up new (kinds of) archives seem to crop up everywhere, accelerated by new means of production and distribution. Cultural repertoires are being remixed alongside technological repositories – often giving new life to almost forgotten relics. Ever more things, valuables, processes, projects, constituencies, even movements, need to be taken care of.
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Series of discussions: An Archive/Live Archive/UnArchive and Public Library workshop

20 February 2014 - 1:07pm -- oliver

There are so many initiatives recently dealing with archiving of different artistic, cultural and historical materials, which are induced by the possibilities of digitization as a new round of 'actualization' and new spaces for dissemination of the material dealt with. The dominant framework of those initiatives is still institutional – by that, public/state institutions are employing contemporary tools in order to remain in their great narratives of 'history', 'heritage' and '(national) culture', to remain in control. [ more ] about Series of discussions: An Archive/Live Archive/UnArchive and Public Library workshop

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In Search of UIQ

18 February 2014 - 11:51am -- anthony

Gilles Deleuze wasn’t the only one in the D&G duo to have a passion for film.  It turns out Felix Guattari wrote a sci-fi screenplay in the 1980s. It’s titled “Un amour d’UIQ,” (Love of UIQ) starring a ‘machinic subjectivity’ named Universe Infra-Quark (UIQ).  While Guattari finished the screenplay, the movie was never made. Guattari had reached out to “Taxi Driver ” producer Michael Phillips to make the movie, but it was rejected by studios. [ more ] about In Search of UIQ

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»Social Media – Social Revolt?« – video #5 : Aalam Wassef

20 February 2012 - 3:06am -- oliver

Aalam Wassef talking about the background to the Egypt revolution, focussing on his own pre-2011 interventions: »Ahmed Sherif«/Google Complaint Ads, »Dictatorship for Dummies«, »Not in a Million Years«, which traverse different formats.

:: »Social Media – Social Revolt?«
:: public event of Post-Media Lab : Nov. 15th 2011 : Leuphana University Lüneburg
:: with Graham Harwood, Anne Roth & Aalam Wassef

< in collaboration with Kunstraum Lüneburg, Moving Image Lab [ more ] about »Social Media – Social Revolt?« – video #5 : Aalam Wassef

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