3 Research Fellows »Life vs. Object, Comrade Things and Alien Life«

22 May 2013 - 4:14pm -- oliver
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– We are looking for three people/projects to work with the Post-Media Lab for our coming theme:

The fourth research cycle “Life versus Object. Comrade Things and Alien Life” will focus on the flattening out of ontological hierarchies between humans, animals, machines and objects and new parametric realities brought about by networked media environments. As object-oriented ontologies, from Actor Network Theory to Speculative Realism are shaping research methodologies, computer science, network cultures and government, there is a re-shaping of aesthetics, shaken by the intensifying proliferation of non-human ontologies and/or extension of non-human perception and production, its distributed systems and scales. We are looking for researchers asking: How do we relate digital aesthetics – in which abstract computational actors like algorithms give rise to new forms and morphologies – to the social and sensual conditions in which they arise and take effect? How do current models of politics contend with the question ‘do artefacts have politics?’ What, indeed, is ‘thought’ when the notion of the human, let alone the cogito, is recursively destabilised by the same man-made tools developed to defend our ontological centrality and certainty?

This phase of the PML project is expected to run from July 2013, for a term of 6 months:

This is a half-time position with remuneration made at the standard German university tariff (50% TV-L 13).

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image (1) : Strange Creatures (2007), Steve Jurvetson, CC-by | image (2) : »How much is that German Giant Feathered Antlered Squirrel thing in the window?« (2008). By: Follow the White Bunny. CC by-nc-sa.


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